Trail maintenance day, Saturday September 23

Of course with our valleys full of smoke it’s hard to think too much about skiing, but rest assured the snow will come. We have been checking out the trails at Chief Joseph lately and there is some trail work and maintenance to be done before the season.

Bill Sweet is taking charge of this project and is planning a trail work and maintenance day for September 23, 2017. We will be removing some downed trees, and also taking down some trees that obstruct the grooming. We could use at least 3 “sawyers” and several more volunteers to move the cut logs and branches out of the way.

We also need to do some work on the emergency caches, as their support structures are starting to fail. Bill will be working on that in the next couple weeks, but we might have to wrap up that work on the 9th as well.

In addition, we’re looking at upgrading the ski rack at the cabin to make it higher – to accommodate skis even as the snow piles up. So, we have quite a few projects penciled in for the 23rd. Please let us know if you can make it and we will discuss timing and potential carpooling.