November 2017 meeting minutes

November 2017 Board meeting and general meeting minutes.

Bitterroot Cross-Country Ski Club
Board Meeting

Meeting Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017

Call to Order: 6:15

In Attendance: Norman Singley, President; Michael Hoyt, Past President; Reine Hilton, Treasurer; Marrea Mathews, Secretary; Richard Stone, Lessons; Earl Phillips, Membership; Tony Neaves, Annie Crighton, Grooming; Karla Schiever

Membership: Earl Phillips reported membership is 73 membership with 99 members, he reviewed procedures purging members who have not kept up their contact information- 2 years for members, 1 year for businesses. Earl needs to turn the membership office over to someone else by next year. He is seeking someone to train.

Finances: Reine Hilton stated the balance in savings and checking combined is $40,195, that includes the RTP Grant of $26,000, arrangements are being made to switch from our account from the Riverside Conoco Station to Lone Pine Conoco for ease of access to the groomers.

Grooming: Tony reported we may get an earlier start this year, since it’s hunting season, the grooming may begin after these rains. He is working on checking out the snow machines and needs the owners manuals to the Arctic Cat and Scatic. There is concern with the age and condition of the truck and trailer. Tony is going to check out the brakes and will report back.

The bench and the sign in boxes need repair.

Grants: Mike reported that during the season names, phone numbers, dates that the groomers are on the snow machines are needed for the volunteer hours.

Out-house grant- Another year extension was granted to the forest service on installing the out house. Hopefully, it will be installed next year.

RTP Grant- it looks like purchasing equipment with RTP Grant is difficult. This in not a problem for now.

President: Norm met with the forest service. The fs wants to make sure everything is by the book, proper documentation and permissions granted first. They were concerned about the trees that were cut in the last trail maintenance. Norm sent them a letter asking what needs to be done. So far there has been no response. Another concern is the donation boxes. It needs to impart the donations are going to the club for grooming and maintenance, not the forest service.

Signage needs to be accurate and proactive to prevent conflicts with other users. Gibbons Pass Road may be confusing. Hopefully, a new gate will be installed at the far end of Broadway to keep it closed during the non-snow season to automobile traffic.

The slash piles will be burned in the next couple of weeks, hopefully. Tony was concerned the roads would be torn up with machinery. The burn crew may be sent in on foot.

Jesse Crocker asked to serve the club as vice president as well as keep up the web site.

A sawer training class is needed. We may partner with backcountry horsemen. Earl mentioned the fs is moving to certifying trainers.

Maps: They are late but they are coming along.

The meeting adjourned at 7pm

Bitterroot Cross-Country Ski Club
General Meeting

Meeting Date: November 9, 2017

Call to order: 7:00pm

Membership: Earl Phillips announced this will be his last year handling membership. A replacement is sought. Membership is going well- 73 membership with 99 members, he reviewed procedures purging members who have not kept up their contact information- 2 years for members, 1 year for businesses

Youth Ski Lessons: Richard Stone passed around the sign up sheet. He also ask that we bring used ski equipment to the next meeting for donation to the Salmon group.

Treasurer: Reine Hilton stated the balance in savings and checking combined $40,195, that includes the RTP Grant of $26,000.

Grooming Report: Tony reported the snow is ahead of this time last year. With it still being hunting season and the warmer weather, they will hold off on grooming until the snow settles. Dec. 1 is the start of the contract.

President’s Report: The floor was installed in the hut and looks great, the turn out for trail maintenance was excellent, a lot was accomplished, Bill Sweet improved the ski rack, the fs rangers in Wisdom are new, the trail map will be coming out soon, those who help with distribution will be contacted shortly, the program coordinator position needs filling, should anyone know of potential presenters, contact Norm for now, December meeting is potluck- dinner 6pm, meeting 7pm, Kate Davis of Raptors of the Rockies will present.

Program: Mark Witherington presented his trip on the Loowit Trail which circumambulates Mount Saint Helens, 30 miles. Part of the stratovolcano devastated the mountain 37 years ago, because of this, the trail is very interesting with part passing through old-growth, wild flowers, waterfalls, views of other volcanic peaks, glaciers, and the rebuilt section is post apocalyptic rubble, no permit needed, no camping in the recovering stretche.

The meeting adjourned: 8:00pm