Larry Creek

Last week we mentioned possibly grooming a new trail system. Well today it happened.

Chief Groomer Tony Neaves and club President Jesse Crocker headed out with USFS Stevensville District Ranger Steve Brown and Recreation Specialist Caleb George today to try out grooming trails in the Larry Creek area, near Florence. There are 2 trails groomed. Larry Creek Loop road, marked in blue at the map is a beginner level trail, groomed about 10 feet wide. The trail marked in purple on the map is narrower and steeper, more of a black diamond level trail. Both trails should be good for classic skiing, skate skiing and snowshoeing. Currently they are too soft for fat biking in most places, but may set up firmer over the next few days. Since this is the first time it was groomed the trails are still a little rough, but we are hoping to continue grooming these trails at least a few more times this season, so they should get better.

Get out there and ski then let us know what you think!

Thanks to the Bitterroot National Forest Stevensville ranger district staff for coming up with the idea for this, and approaching the ski club to get this going.