Upcoming trail work days

The beauty and safety of our trails rely heavily on the dedicated efforts of our community. As the snow starts to blanket the landscapes, the preparation of our trails becomes paramount. Every hand, every minute you dedicate, helps in making our trails a joy for every skier.

  • Chief Joseph Pass on October 7, 9 AM: Beyond the thrill of skiing, there’s a unique satisfaction in preparing for the season. We’re gathering to stack firewood for the cabin and clear trails. Your participation not only ensures warm shelters but also smooth trails throughout the season.
  • Lake Como on October 14 & October 21, 9 AM: The extensive mileage of trails at Lake Como’s trails requires concerted effort to keep clear. With downed trees, fast growing willows, and other debris to clear, we need as many hands on deck as possible. The more work we do now the less time our grooming crews will have to spend off their snowmobiles, and the more time they can spend grooming.

If you’ve never joined a trail work day before, this is your opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes camaraderie. It’s also a great way to meet fellow skiers, share stories, and be an integral part of our skiing community’s heart and soul.

Tools will be provided, but you will want to bring gloves, lunch or snacks, and weather appropriate clothing. If you have a pruning saw or loppers, feel free to bring them along.