Como Trails 2/26/21

Lot’s of new snow! 12″ on 550A, 15″+ on Middle road and over 18″ on the Upper road since last Fridays groom.

Grooming crew was out till dark packing it down, got every trail rolled, still soft but should be firm enough to skate on by morning, 550A is the firmest of the trails. Was still snowing when we left but it’s not supposed to amount to too much more tonight.

Got the connector “Chute” track packed with the machines, should be easy to connect Middle rd. and 550A now, still a hike unless you’re crazy.

Also got the trail up to the Overlook from the end of Upper rd. track packed, always worth going up there for the view (the photo!).

The 550 road from the Boat Ramp up to the 550A/550 intersection is impassable now, any attempts to drive up it just end up in a bigger mess, last batch of snow was the closing event! We took the grooming equipment to it tonight and just flattened it out to make it safer to ski on.

We’ve gone beyond being able to keep it plowed with our normal guy and his pick up due to so much heavy wet snow so unless someone wants to loan out their front end loader we’ll just keep it groomed to the bottom for the rest of the season.

We also track packed the hiking trail short cut from the Boat Ramp to the 550A/550 intersection, look for the Hiker sign with the blue diamonds on it, (east end of Boat ramp before the stop sign) and walk up from there, it’s a quick hike and allows you to not have to ski the lower road part. When we’re on our good skate skis we always walk up that way.

580 trail has a few inches on it but seems to be rideable, Chad was able to get the bike trail groomer down Shannon ridge yesterday, it has a couple of inches on it but felt firm underneath.

We’ve tried to keep the RH edge of 550 packed well from the top of the 580 trail up to the bench, from there the firmer line to ride is on the left from the gate to the Ridge trail. Lower parts of 550 and 550A might still be too soft, use good judgement please.

We’re trying to get a well packed rideable surface but we’re dealing with a massive amount of snow over the last 2 weeks and not enough laps on it yet to get it really packed down so bear with us.

If you love a challenging long ski Middle road is a great route, much more technical with harder climbs and downhills, 10 mile out and back from the 550 rd.

Lost Horse 1/25

Update from Tony:

Lost Horse was groomed today.

Still the same conditions, thin and icy at the bottom, starts to get better above N. Fork, ton’s of snow above the cabin.

It was really lumpy from the weekends traffic, long slow trip up first lap, needed 4 passes and still had bumps.

Many sleds up there today, during and after the grooming, with the soft snow up higher it is probably pretty lumped back up already.

Like every other low elevation trail in the Valley the snow is pretty rough below 4500ft.

Need to do a snow dance!!!

Como 1/22

Como grooming update from our head groomer Tony:

Como update:

It’s been a slow start to the Como ski season this year.

The bottom of the ski trails are at 4300ft., the good snow starts at around 4500ft which is about a mile up 550 from the parking area.. There is an ice layer 3-4″ thick on the ground with snow over it, below 4500ft. its a thin layer of new snow over ice.

The volunteer crew rough packed 550, upper, middle and Shannon/Wolf track today with rollers. Flattened out fairly well.

We took the leveler/compaction drags from the bottom to Shannon ridge to get a firmer base built up and scuff up the lower icy areas more. We hit and brought up quite a few rocks, we were able to stop and throw most of them off but be aware and keep an eye out for them ( and toss them please!). Best to walk up and down the first mile of 550 from the parking area, it’s thin with hidden rocks.

I would call it adventure skiing conditions, not something I’d bring beginners or beginner/intermediate skiers on! Steel edged skis would be bonus on the lower trails, not sure if it’s compacted enough yet on Upper and Middle roads for skating, it was setting up nice but it’s only been packed once so far.

550A rd. is rough groomed to the base of Wolftrack, thin and icy but we rolled along the edge to make it less. Will need more snow to finish grooming 550A out to the end.

Wolf track is a great way to ski up, need to be an expert skier to come back down in these conditions!

Fat bikes:
New layer of snow on the Kearns trail, should start to cover the ice better. Best route for bikes to access the Shannon Ridge trail, especially if the groomed ski trails are too soft that day.

Bikes on 550 to Shannon ridge, best to stay to the right climbing 550, when you reach the gate on the upper road FS.13201 use the left edge till you reach the Shannon trail, that is the firmest part of both trails.

Middle (FS13200) and upper (FS13201) are going to be too soft for bikes until we can get them more compacted, same with Wolf. Once we can get a few laps with the compaction drags and Ginzu they’ll hold up to bike traffic without rut issues.

The main thing we ask is not to leave ruts deeper than 1/2″, if you can’t ride in a straight line and are swerving back and forth while sinking in please turn around. We do all of the grooming with volunteers on snowmobiles once a week and our equipment does not get them (ruts) out like a Snowcat does. Deep ruts tend to stick around till the next major snow fall and trip up skiers trying to ski over them.

Parking depends on your car and tires, the parking area is at the intersection of 550 and 550A. This year the road up to it from the Boat ramp is pretty bad, drive at own risk. You can also park down at the Boat Ramp parking area and walk up to the South side trail (hang a left and go up at the blue diamond) to the start of the Ski trails, takes just 5 minutes more (not skiable).

My other half (Annie) just got back from skiing it, she say’s to definitely walk up (and down) the first mile (found a rock. ouch!)! All of the upper skiing is really good and it’s well packed all the way to Tin Cup Overlook on the upper road and Tin Cup ridge on the Middle road, just the bottom is crappy, 6″ more would make it wonderful but that’s not in the forecast for awhile still.

No maps yet but I’ll try to put an old one up on the Billboard next time we’re up there.

Just follow the Corduroy!!!


Successful trail work day

We had almost 20 volunteers show up this weekend to clear trails after last weeks wind storms! Big thank you to everyone who helps keep our ski area in top-notch shape!

We will be having another work day in 2 weeks, on saturday January 30.