Lost Horse 1/4/21

Groomed Lost Horse yesterday, slowly getting better down low, skiable from the berm at South Fork now.
The road is rough but passable from the Lick creek turn off to the berm, just need good tires.
Snowmobiles can unload at the campground and have snow and ice to run on to the berm.
It was snowing hard when I left last night, snotel site at 12 mile shows nearly a foot of new snow since then.

Upcoming volunteer days at Chief Joe

The snow is piling up quick this year, and it’s time to prune back branches that are hanging down over the trails. The overhanging branches get in our faces while skiing, and can damage grooming equipment. We will be having 2 work days this winter, Saturday January 16 and Saturday January 30. We will be meeting at 9:30 am at the main parking lot at Chief Joe then heading out on skis or snowshoes to work at several spots on the trails.

No experience or tools are necessary, the ski club will supply tools and training.

Bring gloves, food, water, and a helmet if you want to use a pole saw.

Stay for the whole day, or half a day.

We are hoping to get 9 volunteers, so we can send out 3 crews each with 1 pole saw, 1 pruning saw, and one person to move branches.

Please email jesse@datamongers.net with any questions.

Skalkaho and Lost Horse

The Bitterroot ridge runners snowmobile club, in partnership with Bitterroot National Forest and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks groom 3 areas around the valley, Skalkaho pass, Skalkaho Rye road, and Lost Horse Canyon. Lost horse was groomed for the first time this season on Monday and Skalkaho on Wednesday, these roads are scheduled to be groomed every week on these days, though that can change due to weather. The schedule for Skalkaho Rye is to be determined. We will be posting additional information about these areas, including maps and where to park soon.

Lake Como 12/31

Lake Como received 1-3 inches of new snow today, still not enough to groom but it’s getting closer. The lake is still in good condition for skiing, either skate or classic. There are also 2 areas cleared for ice skating near the boat ramp(these are not affiliated with the ski club).