Grooming generally happens on thursdays or fridays, and may happen on weekends if needed. We will attempt to post updates here the day grooming happens.

Chief Joseph Pass 4/10/19

Trails at Chief Joseph Pass are being groomed this morning. We are planning on grooming on Friday, but if grooming is critical for you, check back Friday before heading up. Friday will be the final grooming of the season.

Como Trails 3/8/19

Rolled all of the trails today, 8″ of new snow on top of last weeks grooming. Set tracks on the downhill side of 550, most of Middle road and all of Lower road. I apologize for the wiggly tracks on Lower, we were dealing with deep new snow and a soft base, track pan seemed to have a mind of it’s own. Still too soft for bikes, barely enough compaction for skating, hopefully it will set up more tonight. We just keep getting so much snow we have not been able to stay ahead of it and get it well packed down. One of the clubs snowmobiles broke down while we were on Lower road and we were not able to clean up the 550 down to the Boat ramp due to running out of time. It is packed well just not groomed.

Chief Joseph Pass 3/8/19

Chief Joseph Pass 3/8/19

Most ski trails at Chief Joseph Pass were groomed this morning. Should be great skiing this weekend. This weekend is the snowmobile hill climb at lost trail, in past years many of the riders have used the multi use trails to warm up, so if you are planning on skiing those trails this weekend expect more and faster snowmobile traffic than usual.