Chief Joseph Pass 2/5/2024

At Chief Joseph Pass, we’re excited to introduce a new initiative: Monday Grooming. Given the limited low elevation skiing opportunities in the Bitterroot area, we’ve adjusted our grooming schedule to provide additional mid-week skiing options. Today marks the inaugural day of this initiative, and its continuation throughout the season will depend on its usage and popularity among our visitors.

Como 1/28

The trail conditions at Como are now extremely poor and not suitable for use. The snow is loose and soaked with water. We advise everyone to avoid using the trail. To make it suitable for skiing again, we need more snow. Additionally, skiing or riding on the trail today would cause deep ruts that would need a lot more snow to fill in.

Chief Joseph Pass 1/26

Ski trails and Multi Use Trails at Chief Joseph Pass will be groomed tomorrow(Saturday) morning. The lower ski trails, Banshee, Joseph Creek and Middle Fork will not be groomed again until we get more snow.
The Corvallis American Legion is conducting their annual emergency preparedness radio event in the Chief Joseph Pass parking lot this weekend, which uses up about 1/4 of the parking lot, so please carpool if possible.


All of the ski trails at Chief Joseph Pass were groomed this morning. About 1 inch of snow has fallen since grooming finished. Additional grooming will happen through the weekend as needed. It should be great conditions for skate and classic skiing this weekend.

We will be attempting to groom at Lake Como Friday morning.

Mid week conditions report

Chief Joseph pass will be groomed Thursday, and as needed over the weekend.
Como has been too warm for grooming this week, but ski conditions are still decent.
Skalkaho pass(multi use trail groomed by bitterroot ridge runners) was groomed Monday and is probably the best option for skiing close to Hamilton right now.