Grooming Report 12/12

Snow keeps piling up! Grooming crew put in another day of packing all of the new snow into a really solid base. Some trails were so deep we felt like we were driving submarines not snowmobiles.
We have created enough base to allow the Pisten Bully with its new press bar implement to get onto many of the trails today to really create a solid base.
Was snowing like crazy when we left at 5:00 pm. Tony

Grooming report 12/10

Grooming Crew put in a full day Yesterday! First groom of the season, 18″ of really dry snow, still does not have much of a base under it.

We were able to get almost all of the upper trails packed yesterday, bounced off of quite a few stumps in the process, but we have a nice level, firm base to work off of now.

Early season Conditions, still quite a few stumps, logs and rocks just under the surface. Beginners or folks taking less skilled skiers out should avoid the steeper downhills and stay on the upper more levels trails. Falling down into the powder risks hitting stuff that’s just hiding under the snow. Be careful, more snow on the way and conditions will just keep getting better. Tony

Trail Report 12/2/16

Still not enough snow to ski on, the 6″ we had has settled down to roughly 4″. Not nearly enough to cover all of the stumps, rocks, dirt and beargrass. We did a test roll today, not pretty, hit many stumps, rocks and dirt just going out to the cabin and back. There were some ski tracks, but if you value your skis and body it’s not worth even trying yet.
The last couple of storms have tracked further north and not left more than an 1″ of snow so far this week. This next series of storms might give us enough to at least get a base packed on some of the smoother roads and trails, stay tuned. – Tony

Looking forward to winter

The Chief Joseph Ski Trail System will officially open this winter on Thursday, December 1, 2016, assuming that enough snow has fallen. If snow begins to accumulate after mid-November, our grooming crew will use snowmobile-drawn equipment to begin compacting a solid base for the trails.

Again this winter, a PistenBully owned by Lost Trail Powder Mountain will be grooming the trails and setting track where appropriate.

This winter there will be an additional sign-in box in the parking lot at the corner of Highways 93 and 43 for those who wish to recreate with their dogs on the multi-use trails.

We’re looking forward to another wonderful season of skiing and hope you will join us.