Grooming Report 12/16

Final grooming report. “Really cold up there”! All upper trails have been compacted with the Pisten Bully and gone over many passes with the compaction/leveler drags. Still too thin of a snow cover to set tracks, we hit quite a few stumps and logs today just under the surface.
Should be able to get tracks in on all upper trails next week after a couple more inches of snow. Lower trails are still unpacked, we barely got down Joseph Creek and back up today. Got really buried a number of times, its quite deep and bottomless snow down there.
If anyone is looking for a project it would really help if a group got together and went down the lower trails- Middle Fork, Joseph and Banshee on snowshoes! Spread out across the trails and really stomp a platform by knocking the air out of the snowpack. This would help the grooming crew immensely, allowing us to be able to get down them and get the base established so we can start grooming them. Tony