Larry Creek 2/1/2023

Trails at Larry Creek were groomed today. The coverage is the best so far this season, and the grooming came out really nicely nice. If your looking for somewhere to XC ski Thursday morning this will be the place to go.

Como 1/30/23

All trails except Lower Road were groomed at Como today. The conditions were not ideal, 6 inches of very cold snow on top of ice, so the trail is still very soft and not totally flat. It should be good conditions for classic skiing but probably too soft for skate or fat biking. The recent snow has also nicely covered the lake and conditions on the lake are good for classic skiing and fat biking but not for skate skiing.

Como update

Trails at Como are getting very icy, it’s pretty advanced conditions all over. Doing any more grooming would only make the trails more icy, so we will not be grooming again until we get at least a few inches of snow. It looks like that might happen this weekend, and if it does we will groom early next week.

Chief Joseph Pass 1/20/2023

Ski trails at Chief Joseph pass were groomed yesterday(Thursday). Multi use trails were not groomed.
We also now have an online map showing were the groomer has been in the last 7 days. Location is only reported every 5 minutes, so it doesnt show exactly what was groomed, but it’s good enough to get an idea of what area the groomer has been in.

Como 1/6/23

Como update from Chief Groomer Tony:

Como was groomed today.

Strong inversion, much warmer up there, topped out in the 40’s this afternoon, it has not been below freezing at 5500ft. since 3:00 am on the upper trails.

Volunteer crew had to bail out mid-afternoon, got too warm and the snowmobiles were overheating working in the soft, wet snow.

Top Road did not get groomed, still quite skiable!

Larry Creek 1/5/2023

Trails at Larry Creek(off Bass Creek Road) were groomed today. The first half mile is very icy, but after that the surface is pretty nice for skiing. These trails receive a lot of foot and dog traffic, so if you want to ski it in good conditions, get out there in the next day or 2.
If the snow holds up we will likely continue to groom these trails every 2 weeks for the rest of the winter.
Grooming on these trails is new this season and is being doing in partnership with the Bitterroot National Forest. Please let us and the forest know what you think.