Grooming generally happens on thursdays or fridays, and may happen on weekends if needed. We will attempt to post updates here the day grooming happens.

Start of the ski season

The ski season at Chief Joseph Pass officially begins this coming Saturday, December 1. There has been over a foot of new snow at the pass in the last week, but we are currently planning on having the main trails starting from Chief Joseph Pass groomed with snowmobiles, but there will not be tracks set. The lower trails, Joseph Creek, Banshee, and Middle Fork still need more snow. The Multi-use trails, Gibbons pass road, will probably not be groomed. Once the season starts dogs are no longer allowed on the ski trails, but are allowed on the multi-use trails all season. The Gordon Reese Cabin will be open for use a warming hut starting Saturday.

Grooming Report Wednesday 3/21/2018

Pisten Bully’s still down, volunteer grooming team was out today knocking down the 14+” of snow that fell after we groomed last Sat. Rolled all of the trails, but they were getting kinda lumpy from just grooming with the rollers, conditions have not allowed us to drag it for the last couple of weeks. Dug out the YTS leveler/compaction drags, they were only under 5′ of snow! Took some digging but we found them where we had leaned them against a tree, much digging later we got them out. They had not been moved since mid-dec.! Dragged all of the upper trails, came out nice. We will be back up on Sat. to drag everything again and set tracks,.

Grooming report – 3/17/2018

The grooming department from lost trail groomed the wider ski trails last night with one of the large snowcats used at the downhill area. Our volunteer grooming crew was out this morning setting tracks on the snowcat groomed trails and grooming the rest of the trails.

Grooming Update 3/16/2018

The snowcat that Lost Trail uses to groom the trails at Chief Joe is still down for repair, and will not be fixed by the end of the season. Our volunteer snowmobile grooming crew will be out this Saturday, and plans on grooming once a week through the end of March.

Grooming Report – Saturday 3/3/2018

The grooming department from Lost Trail groomed the wider trails with one of the larger snowcats used at the downhill area early Saturday morning. Later in the morning our volunteer snowmobile grooming crew was out and groomed the rest of the trails, and set tracks on the trails groomed by the snowcat.

Grooming Forecast – 3/1/2018

The snowcat that Lost Trail uses to groom the trails at Chief Joe is still down for maintenance. Some trails were groomed with snowmobiles yesterday, and our volunteer snowmobile grooming crew is planning on grooming all of the ski trails Saturday.

Grooming Report – Saturday 2/17/2019

Our volunteer snowmobile grooming crew was out yesterday and groomed most trails, but since then it has snowed over a foot. Be prepared to break trail today. Lost trail is in the process of fixing the Pisten Bully, and hopefully it will resume grooming soon.