Grooming report 12/01/17

Several inches of snow fell Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Conditions were good for using the Leveler/compaction drags so we made many laps of the system today. We were able to get most of the upper trails well flattened and smoothed out.
Still not perfect but getting better, set tracks on most of the trails, again not perfect but not bad for this time of year and the early season conditions and 8-12″ snowpack we’re dealing with.
Skating conditions will be good until the next storm system arrives tomorrow (Sat.) night.
Snow is still dirty in any area near the burnt slash piles but it’s getting better.
Gibbons road out to about 4 miles has been groomed with the Pisten Bully and all of the connecting trails from Chief Joe to Gibbons road have been groomed.
Lower trails still need more snow before we attempt to get the equipment down there. Not bad touring, just a few tricky water crossings.
2-5″ of snow predicted for Sat night and another 3-7″ predicted for Sunday night, base just keeps getting better.
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