Come Trails 2/22/19

Como report.

All trails groomed today, no tracks set .

Will be good skating in the morning thru mid afternoon when the next batch of snow will start to render it no fun.

We plowed the road today up to the parking areas but it’s still challenging in spots. Even the upper lot on 550A is plowed out.

Conditions are way too soft to Fatbike on due to the amount of snow we’ve gotten and the cold temps. We were not able to compact it enough to create a rideable surface.

Some folks rode up there yesterday and broke every rule for Fatbikes on ski trails, some of the worst ruts we’ve ever encountered. Very hard to remove with Snowmobile grooming equipment.

Please respect the grooming and not ride on it if the bike is leaving ruts and you can’t ride it in a straight line. Plus getting off to push makes even more of a mess (postholes)!

It’s just basic courtesy to the Groomers that volunteer their time and bodies and the Ski Clubs equipment and money that creates that packed trail (for skiers) that when the conditions are right can be ridden upon. Not to mention the safety issues with skiers and deep unpredictable ruts.