Lost Horse and Skalkaho 2/19/20

Lost Horse Canyon was groomed yesterday, and Skalkaho Pass is being groomed today. If you are looking for something to ski this morning go to Lost Horse, if you’re looking for late afternoon, or something for tomorrow, Skalkaho might be a better choice.These trails are both groomed by the Bitterroot Ridge Runners snowmobile club, and are multiple use trails, open to snowmobiles, skis, bicycles, dogs, and more. If you are using these trails in the late afternoon or at night please use safety lights and/or reflectors to make it easier for snowmobilers to see you. A bike safety light hooked to your backpack is a great option, and you’re probably already carrying a headlamp, so consider turning it on before it gets dark for safety. Another great option to improve your visibility is to add retro reflective tape to your poles, it’s available at most hardware stores, and for a few dollars you can greatly improve your visibility in all conditions.