Como 1/21/22

Despite the Valley weather, the trails received 1″ down low to almost 4″ on the Top Road last night!

Everything was groomed, with multiple passes with the compaction drag on 550 up to Shannon Gulch and down Shannon. The snow got much deeper above that and is just rolled and is not as compacted. Weds. grooming made it all nice and flat with the new snow packed on top of it now.

Down on Lower road, it is still firm underneath with a thin corduroy over it, should be great skating. Lower Road (550A) is connected to Middle Road (13200) via chute, great loop to skate or tour. 12 miles roundtrip, skis best in a clockwise direction.

Road to upper parking is drive at your own risk, much better to park in the Boat Ramp lot and do the quick hike up.