Skiing? Yes!

The snow is really starting to pile up at Chief Joseph Pass. There is over 2 feet on the ground and the DOT has plowed out the parking lot. We are still a few weeks away from starting to groom, but many trails already have tracks skied in, and it should be great conditions for ski touring this weekend.

If you are out skiing on a trail that already has tracks, please consider skiing in a second set of tracks a few feet over. This makes the initial grooming much easier, as the snowmobiles are able to stay up on the ski tracks.

There are downed trees on many trails right now, so use caution, especially while skiing downhill. Several trails still have open water, including Banshee, Joseph Creek and Whoopee. These trees will be cleared by our grooming crews once grooming starts.

The Gordon Reese Cabin is not open for day use, but will be open when our season officially starts on December 1.

Dogs are allowed on trails until the end of November, but please pick up after your dog. Please remember that many users of the Gordon Reese Cabin melt snow for water, so please avoid getting dog waste in the snow in that area.