Hamilton Fairgrounds

Update from our chief groomer Tony Neaves:

The stars aligned and there is skiing at the Hamilton Fairgrounds (at least till Wed.)!

Last time we were able to do this was 2017, its rare and it does not last long! Everyone’s help in keeping the groomed trail intact goes a long way, it’s a fragile 3″ thick layer of packed snow, just firm enough for skis (please no fat bikes either).

Walking on it or letting dogs run and play on it ruins it really quick and any warm spell like the upcoming one later in the week weather melts out any thin spots or holes in the trail quickly, so please no dogs on loop #1 and #2. Between last night when I first started packing it and this afternoon someone with a dog did quite an amount of damage already, the lack of courtesy sometimes just amazes me!

I have 3 areas packed out, they are not connected like we used to due to security reasons now, too much vandalism occurring.

The main loop is the southside field next to Fairgrounds road, there is a set track around it and a wide skate lane. the trail starts on the northern edge of the parking lot.

To the northeast is another loop that goes all over eastern and northeast corner side, I was told there is a small gate to get into it by the main grandstands, but I have not found it yet because I’m grooming out there at night and haven’t seen it yet. I’ll report back tomorrow when we ski around in the day light.

The 3rd loop was an experimental loop I did last night, it’s to the north on the northwestern side of the main grandstand entrance. This evening I decided to call it the dog ski loop, it’s a rougher trail and it won’t hurt my feelings to let it get torn up, so wear out the pooch over there and then put them in the car and go rip around the rest!

There are tracks set on loop 1 and 2, enjoy!

Part of the agreement I had to work out with the Fair office was liability waivers, their lawyers require everyone doing any sport have on file (including pickle ball!)! What we agreed upon was that I put out a box at the start of the loop #1 ski trail with waivers inside and a pencil. Please fill one out and leave it at the office, you only have to do this once a year, not every time. I was also told that if the office is closed to just stick the waiver into the office cat door (it’s their standard practice)!

Enjoy it while it lasts!