Como 12/2/2022

The volunteer grooming crew were able to get “ALL” of the trails at Como rough packed today!

Probably too soft for skating, we packed down some deep snow today with just rollers so there is not a lot of compaction yet.

Same goes for bikes, please don’t even try, it’s too soft with no base.

A reminder to the bike crowd, these are ski trails, not multi use trails. We ask that riders stay off the corduroy if they are sinking more than1/2″ and/or leaving more than tread marks, ruts are not cool.

Also same goes for hikers, these are ski trails, not hiking routes, if you are sinking in, please stop and find somewhere else to hike.

Otherwise, park at the Boat ramp parking, hike up the footpath to the 550/550A intersection and ski from there, everything is packed!

The touring conditions will be awesome!