Como 12/17/21

Como has been rough packed on all of the roads as of Thursday!

I was able to get all of the main roads = 550, 550A (lower road)., 13200 (middle road) and 13201 (upper road) packed down. Still soft but good touring conditions.

Sadly the ineffective barrier on 550 just gave the scofflaws an easy way on to the 550rd and multiple trucks and 4 wheelers tore it up all the way to the top yesterday morning bringing up many rocks into the snowpack so be careful on the 550, best to stay on the southside of it going up and down. A 4 wheeler went around the locked gate on 13201 and tore up the upper road all the way out to Tin Cup ridge, made it hell for me to groom.

If you are skiing up there and see a vehicle past the barrier on 550rd. they are breaking the law! 550rd. is legally closed at the 550/550A intersection from Dec. 1st. to March 31st. as shown on the latest FS maps. It is a fineable offense and an even bigger one for going behind locked gates. Please take pictures and Lic. # and turn them into the FS law officers.

As we get more snow we will continue to get it packed down better for skating and when we get the base firm enough bikes!

I’ll be firing up the Ridgerunners Snowcat next week and getting Skalkaho and Lost Horse groomed next!