Como 1/11/22

Volunteer team of Jesse and Tony used our trucks and trailers and were able to get up to Como today and pack down all of last week’s snow.

We were able to get 550 well packed and wide enough to skate all the way up to the top.

Upper road is well packed, just narrower, still skateable.

Middle road is packed 1 pass wide (66″) out to Chute, I was able to get down it (Chute) with the snowmobile and roller, so it is well packed now and connected to the upper end of 550A.

Lower road is also packed full length 1 pass wide (roller width) to Chute.

We were not able to get down Shannon gulch today, we’ll get to it later in the week.

A fine loop is to ski 550A all the way to the end, hike up Chute, ski Middle rd. out to 550 and bomb back down. It’s 12 mile loop total!

The road is a mess, someone took the berm down but you will get stuck and make an even huger mess if you try to drive up to the upper parking.

We did pack down one edge of the road for folks who insist on skiing up and down from the boat ramp.

Best and easiest way to access the ski trails is to do the quick “HIKE” up from the Boat ramp to the 550/550A intersection.

Look for the blue diamonds across the parking lot to the south at the bathroom. Hike up from there and turn left at the big blue diamond, follow it up to the trailhead. Take 10 minutes at the most and is a scenic warm up!

Much easier than dealing with the road which could be fine when you skied up but ripped up with unskiable tire ruts when you came back down!